Brad Paisley

In this exclusive interview with Brad Paisley, Mike and Brad discuss the importance of finding your “Yes” and the impact that had on Brad’s life as he pursued a career in music.

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Ok, I’ll admit it…

I watch professional poker on TV sometimes.  I am notorious for channel checking as I watch TV and every now and then, I’ll stumble upon a poker championship somewhere and I’ll watch. I love being able to know what all of the cards on the table are and watch how these men and women choose to bet — or not — by calculating the odds and watching the other players.

Now, if you talk to the players, playing poker at this level isn’t gambling. It’s math, statistics, psychology and strategy all in one decision to play or not to play. While I respect their skill, I doubt if I could ever convince my hard shell, “Amazing Grace” singing, go-to-church-every time-the-doors-are-open Southern Baptist mom that poker is not gambling.