The Supernatural

It seems everywhere we turn in entertainment or the media, everyone is obsessed with the supernatural – superheroes, witches and wizards, vampires and werewolves, etc. But when we make the transition to the true supernatural, God, there is a disconnect. In today’s episode, I explore that disconnect and perhaps how to bridge it.

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The Wholeness of Gratitude

In Luke 17, we have the story of Jesus healing ten lepers.  You might be familiar with it (Luke 17:11-19).  The lepers see Jesus and begin to shout for Him to heal them.  He does and tells them to go and show themselves to the priests to verify their cleansing so they can be restored to their communities.  As they run to show the priests, they realize they’ve been healed.

Then something strange happens. One of the lepers comes back to thank Jesus… but only one.  Jesus points out that only one returned to give thanks and then said to the healed leper, “… your faith has made you well…”

What? I thought all ten lepers were healed.

They were, but only one was made “well.”

Is there a difference between being healed and being well? Jesus seems to think so.

And gratitude seems to be the difference.  Without gratitude, we tend to take the gift for granted.  We treat the gift carelessly, without thought to its true value.

Gratitude is the opportunity of the gift to deepen the relationship with the Giver.  Grateful people understand the gift is only a symbol of a deeper and richer reality.  The gift opens the door to a relationship with the Giver.

And that’s what makes us whole—being with Christ.  Yes, there’s a difference between being healed and being well.  That difference is the difference between having the gift and being with the Giver.

How about you?  Do you know the difference?

To Maximize the Investment of the Master

Last Thursday morning (November 15) I was asked to talk to our Men in Training that meets on Thursday morning at 6:45 AM (courageous souls!) about marriage. In the attached video, I wanted to make 3 main points.

First, God had already placed Adam in the garden to work it and care for it BEFORE He gave Eve to Adam.  That means Adam would have understood his role in Eve’s life as that of steward. The role of the steward is to MAXIMIZE THE INVESTMENT OF THE MASTER.

Second, Paul’s instruction concerning marriage in Ephesians 5 places most of the responsibility of the marriage on the husband. If we as husbands can obediently love our wives as Christ loves the church, a lot marital issues will simply evaporate in the celebration of that love.

And lastly, here’s what that means. If you don’t have the wife you want, if she’s not the woman you think she should be, well… maybe it’s our fault. Maybe if we were better stewards our wives would be better wives!

Why Worship Matters

As I have lead Brentwood Baptist Church through a study of Revelation, many were surprised to discover John wrote the letter to the seven churches as a book of worship.

Think about it. Revelation is written IN worship, BY a worship leader, TO worshipping communities, ABOUT whom to worship.