Different Year, Different Day

So it’s the new year. It’s 2013 and you want this year to be different than last year. You came up with a list of resolutions, and you are SURE you will keep them this year. Well, if you want this year to be a different year, you will have to live each day as a different day than the last.

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The Mystery of a Christian Marriage

Whenever we talk about marriage, people in the church quickly turn to Ephesians 5.

In verses 21 and following, Paul does address the expectations and responsibilities of husbands and wives.  But in our debates about what a husband is supposed to be and how a wife is to treat her husband, I’m afraid we miss several important messages.

For instance, have you read verse 32?  “This mystery is profound, but I’m talking about Christ and the church.”

Who do you want to become?

In Monday’s blog we talked about understanding where we are in our lives before we choose a destination for our journey. Until you do the hard work of comprehending where you are right now, any map will be wrong simply because it starts at the wrong place.  For a lot of us, there is a HUGE difference between where we THINK we are and where we ACTUALLY are.

But assuming we did the hard work of pinpointing where we actually are, let’s get to the next step.  Who do you want to become? That’s not the question you were expecting, is it? Most of us were looking for “Where do you want to go?”