The Louder the Yes

My friends who are computer experts tell me that at the heart of it all, a computer is just a machine making a decision between a “1” and a “0.” Of course, the power of the computer is that it’s making a whole lot of these decisions really, really fast.

In much the same way, our lives, when you get to the heart of it all, are a series of choices between “yes” and “no.” I will do this. I won’t do that.  Unlike computers, however, we get tired. We want a default switch, a choice we can make “once and for all.”

Unfortunately, there’s no such switch. We have to make our decisions each time they’re presented to us.

Old Preachers

When I was first starting my ministry as a pastor, I was blessed to have older pastors notice me.  For some reason, these guys liked me and would connect with me at various meetings, call and check on me,  and find a lot of excuses for us to get together and have coffee.

Horace Sims, Chuck Bugg, Jimmy Harley, Hardy Clemmons, and of course, Bill Wilson, Sr. were all successful and admired pastors who poured themselves into me. They taught me how to pastor.

In seminary you learn a lot, but there’s a lot you don’t learn. If you don’t have teachers who are willing to share their experiences the only way you learn is by your own experience. Most of the time experience is a painful way to learn.