Coach Rick Byrd

Check out Mike’s latest interview with Belmont University’s Men’s Basketball Coach Rick Byrd.  Mike and Coach Byrd talk about success and adapting to change.

DOMA, the Supreme Court, and Us

Since the news broke yesterday about the Supreme Court striking down the Defense of Marriage Act, our media has been filled with all kinds of reactions. Most are a little extreme and others completely wrong.

As I understand it (and I’m not a lawyer) the Supreme Court ruled DOMA was unconstitutional at a federal level. That allows married gay couples to be eligible for benefits in those states that allow gay marriage. The ruling did NOT affect those states that don’t allow gay marriage.

Living in Tennessee, we’re really not affected by the Supreme Court ruling yet. But I believe we’ll begin to see countless numbers of lawsuits brought by various parties demanding that all 50 states recognize gay marriage.

In a lot of ways, this legal battle is just beginning—so the next few years are going to be interesting to say the least.

But like I said, there are some things that haven’t changed. They are…

  • I believe marriage is defined by God and not the Supreme Court.
  • I believe God has given us the good gift of marriage to show the world the love of Christ for His church (Ephesians 5).
  • I believe this is best done in a committed relationship between a man and a woman.
  • I believe Jesus is Lord. And as Lord, He owns our marriages.
  • Our marriages are created to serve Him and bring Him glory.
  • One of the ways our marriages bring Him glory is by leading our children to become disciples of Christ.
  • I don’t hate anyone.
  • I’m not angry at anyone.
  • I don’t believe anyone should ever be bullied—for whatever reason.

None of this has changed.

So, I’ll be in church Sunday preaching the love and grace of Christ as clearly as I can to anyone who will listen.

There’ll be other Supreme Court rulings, but there’s only one gospel.

Jesus Christ died for sinners and He loves you right where you are—and praise God, He won’t leave you there.

The Marathon of Marriage

Gayle Haywood is one of the ministers on staff with us at Brentwood Baptist Church. Her husband, David, is a long distance runner.

Several years ago, David ran in the Chicago marathon. It’s the one that quickly became known as the run-in-temperatures-much-higher-than-normal-for-that-time-of-year race.

A lot of people dropped out of it. But David ran the whole thing.

Want to know how he did it? Here’s how.

Gayle had gone with him on this trip. To surprise him, she placed herself along the route and would jump out of the crowd and cheer for her husband. After he ran past her, she’d hustle to her next spot and cheer for him again.

He told me later he forgot about running the race. He was running to find Gayle.

You want a picture of a great marriage? That’s it. It’s one spouse cheering the other to success. It’s one spouse running only to impress the other.

And the prize? The embrace at the finish line.

So, if you’re running, run hard. You’re being cheered on. And if you’re cheering, cheer loudly.  Your spouse is no longer running the race, but running for you.

The Grass May Be Greener… But It Still Has to Be Mowed

For some reason, most of us harbor a secret notion that our lives would be better somewhere else. If only we lived in Hawaii or along the rocky Pacific coast. We hear Florida is nice and there are some interesting international sights that are touted as being very cheap to live.

Any place is better than here.

Here is where we’ve made all of our mistakes, lived through all of failures.

Everyone knows about us here. If only we could go somewhere where no one knew us  we could just start over.

The only problem with that plan is this: wherever you go, you have to take you with you.

Here’s the hard truth. It doesn’t matter where you go because you’ll have to deal with the problems that are inside you.

The problem isn’t WHERE you are. The problem is WHO you are.

Want to change the world?

We have to begin by changing ourselves.

Or, to be specific. . . allow Jesus to change us. As we’re changed, our world will change.

That is Jesus’ plan:   Changed people changing the world.

We don’t have to go anywhere else to do something great.

Jesus can do it right where we are.