Backing Into the Future

Some of my friends have been described as watching the past and backing into the future.

Sadly, most of the disciples I know are like this.  They are watching their past lives, ever vigilant to guard against sin sneaking up on them—backing up after Jesus.

This is a funny picture—someone trying to follow Jesus by backing up after Him. But when you think about it, a lot of people actually live this way… facing the world while they step backwards toward Jesus.

But repentance means “to turn.”  The first part is turning away from the world and the second part is turning to Jesus.  As you turn to Jesus, His life and majesty fill your life, pushing out everything that is not Him.

This is what we do in worship—we behold the Risen Christ.  And as we consider Christ, we take out those things in our lives that aren’t Him and add to our lives those things we see in Him but lack in ours.  We call this discipleship.

You can’t live backwards.  We’re called to walk to. To Christ and the life He promises.

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