Beautiful Truth

Mathematicians have a peculiar test for the truth of a mathematical formula. According to them, a formula cannot be true if it is not beautiful. A mathematical formula that is correct has a certain elegance about it. When you write it on the board, it presents itself well balanced, clean, even pure. The observer recognizes a certain beauty in the way the formula is written. That formula has a better chance of being true than a formula that is clumsy or ugly when it is written on the board.

Since I read that several years ago, I’ve held that understanding in the back of my head. Here is what I have discovered: more times than not, what is beautiful is indeed true. Certainly I am not talking about our world’s superficial definition of beauty. Beauty is indeed more than skin deep. But a life that is lived beautifully is a life that is true. Nature, in its elegance, is beautiful and therefore, one of the truest things I know. The love a mother has for her child, the love of a newly engaged couple, the determined care of an artist—all these are beautiful and all these are true.

So, I guess, one of my unspoken goals in life is to live a beautiful life. I think if I can do that I can live a life that is also true. I think one of the reasons God made it this way is because a beautiful life is attractive and will cause people to come around and ask you about your life, and give you a chance to share the center of all beauty—Jesus Christ Himself.

I think the mathematicians are right. I think beauty is indeed truth, and I think it is through beauty that God shows Himself to us.

• What have you noticed in your world that is beautiful?
• What have you noticed in your world that is true?
• Are the two the same?
• What would it take for your life to be beautiful, and therefore true?

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5 thoughts on “Beautiful Truth

  1. Mike, I just got the letter. I hope all goes well, and we will be praying for you. Hope to see you soon at P.L.

  2. Mike, we just got our letter today,just know that we will have you in our prayers tomorrow and in the coming weeks. We really believe in prayer and know God is watching over you. See you soon back at Church. Diann and Don

  3. Got your letter and posted it on the fridge. You’ll remain in my prayers. God really is Good all the time. So try to enjoy your time of trusting and resting. You’ll be back up and at’em before you know it, you’re work is cut out for you! Blessings of comfort and joy to you.

  4. Mike, Know that you are lifted up in prayer all over this town today. May God give you and Jeannie His peace. See you soon, Julie and Ronnie Hill

  5. Father, please touch our brother Mike today. May the surgery be successful with no setbacks. Please grant Pastor Mike peace and comfort during this time. We ask that you allow his recovery to be quicker than expected with minimal pain. Please be close to Jeannie and give her an extra measure of strength. May they both feel your presence today and in the weeks ahead. Thank you Father!
    In the precious name of JESUS.