I Believe in the Local Church

I’ve spent most of my adult life working in the local church. It has its challenges—like any job—but overall, I’m committed to the success of local congregations.

I know the local church has been the butt of a lot of jokes and nowadays it seems to be cool to leave life there so you can love Jesus more purely.

Yes, I know all about the local church. You can’t tell me anything I don’t know about it. I’ve seen it all and lived through most of it.

But, let’s think about some things.

First, what other organization on earth opens its doors and lets anyone walk in? This fact alone is enough to shut most organizations down. But the local church thrives because it.

Just let me make two quick points.

First, business leaders say decisions should be made by those closest to and most affected by the outcomes. When it comes to the real pains and hurts of life, the local church is the front line.

We’re the first place the wounded are brought to. We’re in closest proximity to the enemy. We don’t have the luxury to discuss the theories of war. Local churches are fighting it.

If you want to make a difference—a real difference—the best way to do it is to get involved in a local church. There’s only one way real change happens: life on life.

Now, here’s the second point. Jesus loves the church. If you love Jesus, you’ll love His bride. Period.

The church is an expression of the body of Christ. His incarnation continues in the villages, cities, and neighborhoods of our world. It’s the place where Jesus touches those who need Him most.

For me, the local church is where it happens and that’s why I love doing the work I do.

What about you? Does your love of Jesus show in your love for the church? How are you engaged in seeing the church become more like Christ?

Like I said, if you love Jesus, you’ll love His church.