Between Good and Best

The hard questions in life aren’t between good and bad, but between good and best or bad and worst.  Sometimes, you can only make a bad decision and thank God it’s not any worse. Other times, our biggest mistakes come when we choose the good over the best.

Since these are relative decisions — decisions whose value can only be determined in relationship to something else — how do we know the difference?

This is why knowing your Yes is so important.  Once you know who you are in Christ and the purpose for which you were created and called, then every decision is made in light of how well it fulfills Christ’s divine Yes for you.

  • Does this decision take me closer to my Yes in Christ? Then this is what we do.
  • Does this decision take me away from my Yes in Christ? Then, we don’t do it.

Remember when I said these are relative decisions… every choice by a Christ follower is made in the context of our relationship with Jesus Christ.  These decisions go beyond the easy yes/no, right/wrong decisions we so often want to debate. These decisions are made in worship, obedience and love for Christ.

  • What choices best show my love for Christ?
  • What decisions best reflect my gratitude for His love for me?
  • What next step best reveals my obedience to His teachings?

These are the choices we make every day, in decisions both big and small.  Every one of them, each in their own way, must reflect our Yes to Christ in response to His Yes to us.

  • What choices are you facing right now?
  • How do you best say Yes in these decisions?
  • What direction best reveals your Yes in Christ?

When you know your Yes in Christ, His Divine Yes to you becomes your true North.  Everything else is No.

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