Big Decisions are Made in Small Choices

In the early days of computer programming a simple system of “1” and “0” was used.  Every program, no matter how complicated, was broken down to a series of “on-off” questions. In order to execute the next step they asked, “Should the switch be an ‘on’ or ‘off’?” When that decision was made, the computer would move on to the next step. This would be repeated thousands of times per second over and over again, until the problem was solved or the computer arrived at the conclusion.

Every problem, no matter how complex, was broken down to a series of “on-off” questions.

And so it is for us. Our decisions, no matter how complex, can be broken down to a series of “yes-no” questions. And what is that question?  “Does this decision take me closer to my ‘Yes’ in Christ?” If so, the answer is yes.  If not, the answer is no.

The big step—finding your Yes in Christ—is nothing more than a series of little steps. Each one is important—even vital—to your fulfilling who you are called to be in Him.

This is what makes Christianity so difficult… and so rewarding.

Every moment is significant.

Every choice takes you closer or further away from your goals.

So, pay attention.

The decision you are making right now is part of a much larger decision—who you are becoming. The future is a direct result of your present choices.

How about today?

Are your little choices making big impacts?

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