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The Goal is to be Appropriate

According to conventional wisdom, everyone is in search of a balanced life. Given the growing and often conflicting demands of our jobs and families, it’s hard to keep everything together. Therefore, according to the experts, you have to set strong boundaries and time parameters so that you can have all of the areas in your life properly balanced. The myth is you can allot each area of your life a certain percentage—marriage 25%, each child 25%, and your work gets the final 25%. There’s only one problem. This plan doesn’t work in real life. Our days simply don’t work...more

Meditations on MLK Day

Martin Luther King Day is a day that encourages reflection. Especially for a guy who grew up in the south, time needs to be made on this Monday to listen again to Dr. King’s aspirations in his “I Have A Dream” speech and compare his dream to our reality. As with most human things, we’re a little better in some ways (we have elected an African American president) and a little worse in others (there are still too many Eric Garners). For me, there’s another reason I choose to meditate on his life. Dr. King, like me, was a...more

Jesus Didn’t Promise to Make You Better

I walked around my house with a builder friend of mine talking about some of the things I wanted to change and update. The house was about 40 years old and was becoming seriously dated in its curb appeal. After I finished making one of my points, my friend looked at me and said, “Mike, I can fix everything you’re talking about and at the end of it all, you’re still going to have a forty-year-old house. You don’t need a new coat of paint. You need a new house!” That’s the problem with most of our lives. We...more

My Top Posts for 2014

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Packing for the Journey

Jeannie and I are getting back into town from our holiday travels. While we had a good time seeing everyone, it seems I spent most of the time loading and unloading her stuff from our car. Me? I’m a guy. I pack a few pairs of jeans and a couple of shirts and I’m ready to roll. With Jeannie, well, things are a little more complicated. She has several bags. There are large bags and small bags. Bags she needs to be able to reach while we’re riding and others than can be put in the back. “Is all...more
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