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The Miracle of Access

In these times, it’s all about access. Do you have the password to gain access to the system? Do you have access to that important person or into that important organization? Our status is determined by who we access to and who has access to us. One of the great questions of human existence is “Does God Exist?” The follow up question is “If He does exist, how do we gain access to Him?” There are all kinds of solutions. There are rules to follow, sacrifices to be made and quests to be endured. In the end, if we...more

How Do You Know When Love is Real

Love is one of those overused words in our culture that has become so mangled by misuse we aren’t sure what it means anymore. What does it mean when you say you love someone? We love pizza, we love the beach, we love our moms – are all of these the same? Obviously not. One of the things that makes the English language so difficult is so much of a word’s meaning is conveyed by context. You not only have to know the word, you have to know how the word was used. You can see how easily it is to...more

Standing Guard

If you were to call me at home, you might get to talk to Jeannie. I don’t answer the phone when I’m home. It’s one of the things we’ve learned over years and years of ministry. She knows when to put the emergency call through and she knows when to take a message for me to return the call later. Jeannie, as my wife, has become a protector of my time and rest. She’ll make sure that I get the rest I need and the down time I need to serve my church the best way I can. When...more

The Power of Holiness

Most of us have an aversion to holiness. We think it will make us “weird.” We think we’ll stick out too much in the crowd. We’d rather blend in. There’s more wrong with that than many of us realize. Most of us just want to go through life without too many hassles. Anything that causes a hassle, such as being pointed out as different, is to be avoided. To avoid this, we’ve developed the skills of a social chameleon. We have learned to blend in no matter what situation we find ourselves in. We can read a crowd, adapt,...more

Practice Makes Perfect

Any game of skill requires practice. Basketball players practice their shots, quarterbacks practice their throws and chess players practice their openings. Most people consider doing something over and over again as practice. Great players know practice is more than this. Practice is identifying flaws in their skill sets and practicing the correct form again and again until their bodies can literally not do it any other way. They practice and train to: A. Stop doing it the wrong way and B. Keep doing it the right way. Do you ever think about your discipleship that way? Several times we...more
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