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The Power of Holiness

Most of us have an aversion to holiness. We think it will make us “weird.” We think we’ll stick out too much in the crowd. We’d rather blend in. There’s more wrong with that than many of us realize. Most of us just want to go through life without too many hassles. Anything that causes a hassle, such as being pointed out as different, is to be avoided. To avoid this, we’ve developed the skills of a social chameleon. We have learned to blend in no matter what situation we find ourselves in. We can read a crowd, adapt,...more

Practice Makes Perfect

Any game of skill requires practice. Basketball players practice their shots, quarterbacks practice their throws and chess players practice their openings. Most people consider doing something over and over again as practice. Great players know practice is more than this. Practice is identifying flaws in their skill sets and practicing the correct form again and again until their bodies can literally not do it any other way. They practice and train to: A. Stop doing it the wrong way and B. Keep doing it the right way. Do you ever think about your discipleship that way? Several times we...more

First Things First

Time management specialists are beginning to notice something strange in our fast paced world. People are getting more and more things done every day, but at the end of the day, the most important things aren’t getting done. Emails are answered, messages returned, meetings are held and decisions made. But when everything is said and done, the most important thing—the mission critical task—is left undone. What happened? Well, we know how it goes.  We look at our daily task list and we think we’ll knock off those things that don’t take very long. We’ll do a few phone calls...more

Church Full of Ministers

Whenever we start talking about the Middle Tennessee Initiative, some of us will worry about how many people we’ll have to hire. To be sure, we’re going to need a lot of ministers to be part of the churches, church plants, and repurposed congregations. We’ll need pastors and worship leaders, children’s and pre-school workers, discipleship ministers and student ministers, ushers and deacons and Bible teachers for all of our campuses. This is true, but there’s no law that says all of these positions have to be full time. Most of them will be part time – at least to...more

Throw All the Pitches

No one goes to the World Series on one pitch. No matter how good you are, sooner or later, a good hitter will be able to measure your pitch and then, hit it real hard. You have to be able to mix up your pitches. In the same way, churches are going to have to be able to find several different ways to engage their culture and the communities around them. Historically, churches have engaged their communities in three ways: education, healthcare, and poverty. Each of these ministry efforts will open up more and more opportunities for evangelism. Evangelism...more
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