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Why You Should Have a Family Meeting

You might have thought we were planning some major project in our lives. You might have thought we were managers in some company meeting to go over goals and plans. You would have been half right and half wrong on both counts. It was just my wife and I. When the boys were growing up, Jeannie and I would go to our favorite restaurant, pull out our calendars, and make sure we were on the same page with where the boys needed to be and when, who was picking up the dry cleaning and who was getting the groceries, where...more

Things We Never Think About

One of the fun things about vacationing in Charleston, SC is driving across the Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Bridge. This bridge, crossing the Cooper River between Charleston and Mt. Pleasant, is the longest cable stay bridge in the Western Hemisphere. It is a beautiful bridge and the views are incredible. When I drive across the bridge, I watch the cars around me. I try to catch a peek of the Cooper River running into the Atlantic Ocean. However, I never think about the workers who built the bridge, the architects who designed it, or the engineers who drew the plans....more

We’re Not In Kansas Anymore

In the classic movie, “The Wizard of Oz,” Dorothy’s Kansas farmhouse is whisked away to the magical land of Oz. As Dorothy realizes she has awakened in a very different place, she utters the oft-quoted line, “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” It’s the line we now use when we realize our circumstances are much different than what we’ve expected or become accustomed to. That’s why if I could say anything to the church, it would be this, “Brothers and sisters, we aren’t in Kansas anymore.” I’ve been the pastor of a local church for over...more

Why Senior Adults Matter Now More than Ever

On any given Sunday, I will speak to three generations of the same family. Throughout the week, I’ll spend time with millennials, children, families, and senior adults. Because of this, I find myself living and working in a lot of different worlds, yet during weeks like this, it’s more apparent than most. On Tuesday nights, I’m the primary Bible teacher for Kairos—a young adult worship experience. I’m also the executive editor for Mature Living, a LifeWay publication for Senior Adults. Go figure. Some days these extreme differences collide. As most physicists will tell you, it’s when things run into...more

5 Things a Real Man Knows

From time to time, a young man will walk up to me, point across the room to a young lady, and ask me if I know her. I’ll say, “Yes, I do.” When the young man hears that, he’ll ask me if I’ll make an introduction. I usually decline. The young man will be surprised and ask why not? My answer is simply, “I have credibility with her and if I introduce you, I’ll lose all of my credibility.” Once more, he’ll be shocked and want to know why I said that. “Because,” I’ll say, “she’s looking for a...more
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