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A Few Laughs Along the Way

If you talk to a couple that has been married a long time and ask them about the secret of their marriage, you’ll hear the same answer: a good sense of humor. Then, the couple will look at each other and laugh. The way they will look at each other will let you know that you just don’t get...more

Happy Birthday, Jeannie!

Today is my wife’s birthday and yes, she’s 29 again. For her birthday, she wanted to visit her mom. So, over the weekend, she flew to Columbia, SC and spent a few days with her family. Because of my schedule, she doesn’t get to go home as much as she wants and her birthday proved to be a good...more

Be an Expert

According to the experts who study what it takes to become an expert, if you commit to study a subject for one hour a day, you’ll be an “expert” in the field after a few years of work. Malcolm Gladwell said it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert. The reality is somewhere in between. Most people aren’t going...more

Wives, Your Husband IS Talking to You

In marriage, there is a complaint that is almost universal among wives…their husbands don’t talk to them. Yet, when I pull the husbands aside, they tell me they talk all of the time, but their wives don’t listen to them. What’s the problem? It’s a problem of context and styles. I know the conventional wisdom is that men don’t...more

The Soul Shop of Marriage

Several months ago, I read an interesting article in Scientific American. According to this writer, the reason America will always lead the world in innovation and creativity is—get this—America has garages! More than most countries, American homes have a place where people can go and tinker. Think about it, Reader’s Digest, Hewlett-Packard, and Apple were all created in garages....more
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