Young Adults and Careers [Podcast]

Today on Creating Real Marriages that Last, Amy-Jo and I are discussing Millennials in the workplace and church. There is a growing weariness among young adults. They’ve seen the disappointment of their parents in their careers, money, and relationships. So now they’re looking for meaning and want to follow their passions to make a difference in the world. As a pastor, I have to learn how to reach this generation in a way that’s different from the generation that came before them. Listen in as we discuss some of my thoughts about Millennials.


The First Seminary Was a Home [Podcast]

Today on Creating Real Marriages that Last, we’re talking about the idea that the first seminary was in  the home. Look at the story of Apollos in Scripture. Priscilla and Aquila brought him in and discipled him in their home. This idea is reinforced when we talk about the reality that parents are the first disciplers of their children. I learned to love Scripture from my dad. The gospel music my mom played on the piano became the soundtrack of my life. Discipleship happens best in the ebb and flow of daily life experiences.

New Year [Podcast]

On today’s episode of Creating Real Marriages that Last, Amy-Jo Girardier and I discuss new year’s resolutions. Mine for this year is simply “Less is more.” My big thing is to determine how much can I get rid of and eliminate so that I can make space for the things that really matter. We also talk about the church in the new year, including my biggest concern and what I’m most excited about for the church. 


Christmas [Podcast]

In this episode of Creating Real Marriages that Last, Amy-Jo Girardier and I talk about Christmas. We discuss traditions and helpful ideas for celebrating Christmas with your family. Make sure you’re celebrating Christ, not the big celebration culture presents to us. Prioritize a worship experience somehow, whether it’s a Christmas concert, a Christmas Eve service, or something else. Worship is what Christmas is truly all about. Protect worship and time with close family and friends. That’s all that matters. These are just a few things you can do to help make this Christmas less stressful and more special.