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Overtime Podcast

Overtime is a podcast that comes out of the overflow of my preaching and teaching ministry. I only teach twice a week, but I read and study a lot more than that! Sometimes you just need a place to talk about the rest, and this is that place for me.

The topics will generally be about leadership, discipleship, Christian living, and current events.

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Title Date
Who You Were Created to Be
When the Storm Comes
Kindness Starts with You
Welcome, Everyone!
What’s Your Worldview?
Updating Your Life
How Can We Live Faithful Lives?
How Can God Use Me?
Where is God When Bad Things Happen?
The Right Time
Living in a Broken Place
Find your PLACE
Catalysts of Change
A Steward and His Gift
The Power of Memory
No More, No Less
Heart To Heart
Different Year, Different Day
The Supernatural
The Importance of Church Administration
Revelation: An Introduction
Marriage – Part 2
Choosing Who To Vote For
Marriage – Part 1
Biblical Relationships
Prayer 201
Leading a Megachurch
Chick-Fil-A and Dan Cathy
Prayer 101
Letting Go of Baggage
Bible Study 101
Finding Your “Yes”
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