Checking for a Good Connection

Most of you know my father owned a television and appliance store when I was growing up. I was the pick-up and delivery guy.  Sometimes, I would ride with the technician on service calls.

Believe it or not, we would ride out to a house for a service call, go in to check a television set only to realize it had become unplugged from the wall socket.  We would plug it in and the TV would work fine. There was nothing wrong with the set. It was just unplugged.

Of course, we had to charge them for the service call anyway!

Now, you know where I’m going with this, but the point needs to be made so I’ll write on.

In the craziness of our busy lives, we become disconnected from those that are most important in our lives – our spouses, our children, our friends, even ourselves…and of course, God. We don’t mean for this to happen, but in all of our frantic moving around, things get tugged loose and when that happens, what matters most is lost.

How do you prevent this?

You check your connections. Take a few minutes today and check with your spouse, yourself, your kids…and yes, God. Make sure the connection is secure. That way you won’t lose power in your life when you need it most.