Choices Made

This is Wednesday of Holy Week and if you aren’t paying attention, you may think that nothing is going on. In reality, what is going on right now will determine the actions of the rest of the week. If Tuesday is a quiet day of thinking, then Wednesday is the day when choices were made. And once made, these choices can’t be unmade. Lines are crossed that can’t be uncrossed. The die has been cast and now, everyone in the story will live out the choices their hearts have made.

  • Pilate, hearing from his spies and watching the crowd, has decided he doesn’t want any part of Jesus.
  • The disciples are all brave… as long as Jesus is with them. But they will scatter like sheep when Jesus is arrested.
  • The religious leaders, despite all of their theological differences, agree on one thing: Jesus is a dangerous man.
  • Judas has decided that thirty pieces of silver is the right price. Now, he only needs the right place and time.

And Jesus? He has decided also.

He knows what’s going on. He’s not naïve.

He’ll spend the next few hours teaching the disciples and praying they will remember.

He’ll break the bread and share the cup. Then, He will die for his friends.

That’s the choice Jesus has made… the choice He won’t unmake.

That’s the line He has crossed.

Decisions… choices… and the consequences we live with and die for…

Decisions… like the one we’re making now: Is Jesus really the Son of God?

Choices… such as, if He is the Son of God, do I follow Him? Live for Him? Die for Him?

Decisions, choices, and the consequences we live with and die for…

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