Easter Makes a Difference

You’ll often hear a preacher glibly say, “The death and resurrection of Jesus changes everything!”

And while that is true, most of us are left with the perplexing question of “how?”

Don’t get me wrong, we understand Jesus died for our sins, but what confuses us is how the good news of Easter is to be applied to the everyday moments of our lives as parents, spouses, employees, employers and neighbors.

Does Easter make a concrete difference in these moments?  I think it does.

Let’s take marriage. . .

First, the resurrection of Jesus proclaims Jesus is Lord of all.  As owner (which is what “lord” means) of our marriage, Jesus sets the standards and expectations.

Our marriages aren’t ours.  They’re His.  Therefore, the test of a successful marriage is not our happiness, but His glory.

According to Paul, our marriages are small replicas-little models-of Jesus’ love for His church.  Husbands are to show the world the love of Jesus by the way they love their wives.

Wives are to love their husbands as Christ loved the church.  Now, that’s an understanding of marriage the world knows nothing about.

What if the husband was willing to bear the price of his love for his wife the way Jesus bore the cross for us?

What if husbands and wives learned to forgive each other as Jesus has forgiven them?

And what if, no matter how hard things get, the husband and wife would always believe?

After all, doesn’t Easter teach us that when we think everything is over, God might be just beginning?

The Easter story does change everything—every part of everyone.

What a story!

What a Savior!