Forgetting the Future

Forgetting the Future

Today is the sum of all of the decisions we made yesterday. Tomorrow will be the sum of the decisions we’re making today.

That’s not news. We know it, but most of the time we live as if we don’t.

Life gets busy; days get frantic. Hours become days, and days become months, and months become years…and years become a lifetime. All the moments we live we don’t live at all. We endure them. We just want to get through this moment in front of us and then move on to the next one.

And the future gets here before we know it.

That’s why one of the most important habits Jeannie and I developed were family meetings. These were times we would withdraw from the world, be with each other, and go over our lives. We would look at our finances and remember why we were saving like we were. (Back then it was the boys’ college; now, it’s all about retirement.) We’d look at our routines and how we were spending our time. We’d talk about our boys and what they needed from us. We’d talk about each other and what each of us needed or wanted from the marriage right now.

And we’d remember. We’d remember that we have a future, and we’re building that future TODAY. We don’t get the future we want. We get the future we build from the choices we’re making today.

So, what about the future of your marriage? You have one, remember? Just be sure it’s the future you want…and remember, you’re making that future from the choices you’re making today.

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