Getting the Christmas Tree Up

I was a little late getting the Christmas tree up this year. OK, I was a lot late. In fact, as I write this blog, the tree waits for me to complete the finishing touches. I think, however, I am due a little compassion and understanding. I was sick over Thanksgiving and I always put the tree up on “Black Friday” while Jeannie goes shopping. So, I have been trying to catch up ever since. . .and today, I have about caught up. But I noticed something else.

When I had the tree in place and the lights came on (having Christmas tree lights come on when you first plug them in is enough to renew your faith in God!) then it started to feel like Christmas. The green tree, the flashing lights, the happy chaos of a house in the middle of being decorated was like a sign to me—get ready. . .Christmas is coming.

The symbol of the tree reminded me of the greater Christmas story. Suddenly, in the blinking of the lights I went from being frustrated that I was so far behind to a slow smile of remembering Christmas is getting closer and that means family and food—and joy. In our fast paced digital world we forget the power of symbols—visual cues, gentle reminders that there is more to our lives than rushing to the next thing. The blinking lights remind me the Light of the world has come to our dark world. The evergreen won’t let me forget there is always hope and the cross on the horizon still proclaims a love that will never give up.

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