Going Up?

I’m always bugging my writing friends about how they write, where they get ideas, and how they got published.

One of my friends asked me if I had an “elevator speech” for all of my projects. I didn’t know what an “elevator speech” was, which meant, of course, I didn’t have one.

My friend explained to me that you never know when you are going to be on an elevator with a publisher, agent or editor. So, how will you tell them about your project in the time it takes to go from one floor to the next? You have a person’s attention for a handful of minutes. Can you convince them they need to listen further? This is the object of an elevator speech, also called an elevator pitch.

We talk a lot about evangelism in our churches. We have extensive programs to train us to answer people’s questions and point them to the correct Bible passage. And these are all great, but more times than not, the first conversation is nothing more than an elevator speech.

Can you, in the time it takes you to ride on an elevator from one floor to the next, tell someone why you are a follower of Christ?

In just a few minutes — which is all a person will give you for the initial conversation — can you tell someone about your relationship with Jesus?

In very simple terms? In a way that will make them want to hear more?

If you don’t have an elevator speech about your faith, this may be a good time to write one.

Remember to keep it short and leave the ending open to invite further conversation. The point is to begin, nothing more.

You have these chances all through the day. Be ready with a short, simple response explaining why you follow Jesus.

Have you got yours down yet?

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2 thoughts on “Going Up?

  1. when I told people i lived in brazil they would ask what did you do. I would say “I help people to know God who want to know Him”. One time the response was “wow! i want to know God. What do you tell them?