Happy Birthday, Dad!

In Ephesians 6, Paul tells fathers not to frustrate their children.

I’ve always been frustrated by this teaching. It’s as if Paul couldn’t think of anything positive to say to fathers, so he ends up writing, “Hey, dads…just don’t mess your kids up…”

As I’ve thought about it, I’ve come to a different understanding of this passage – working at Kairos has brought me to see an interesting interpretation of this verse.

A lot of young adults have a problem believing in God because their dads were such poor fathers. When I teach, “God loves you like a father,” many young adults shut down. Their experiences with their fathers were so bad, they just can’t go there.

So, here’s how I’ve come to interpret that verse, “Fathers, don’t make it hard for your children to believe in God.”

And I’m grateful every day that my dad didn’t make it hard for me to believe in God. In fact, he made it very easy.


I learned to love Scripture watching my dad study to teach his Sunday School class.

I learned to tithe watching him handle his money.

I learned about marriage from watching from my dad love my mom.

I learned to love Jesus watching him love Jesus.

No, my dad wasn’t perfect, but he loved me the best way he knew how…and you know, that’s all right.

Today would have been my dad’s birthday. He would have been 80.

He passed away in April of 2012. I’ve missed him every day.

But he left me a life time of memories.

He left me a legacy of what a good dad looks like …  a legacy that I am, as a dad myself, trying now to pass on to my sons.

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