Is Jesus angry with us?

This morning I was reading in Luke 19:45-46 about Jesus cleaning out the Temple. Do you remember that story? Jesus goes into the Temple, sees where all of the money changers have their tables set up. He sees the stalls and cages where the animals are kept to be sold for sacrifices. He turns over the tables, pushes down the gates and fences. That must have been some sight – men running and screaming, animals “mooing”, “baaing” and flying around. And Jesus angry. This passage always intrigues people because they get to see Jesus angry. In the verses just before this, Jesus weeps over the condition of the city of Jerusalem. Now he is enraged over the condition of the Temple.

Above it all, we would have heard the voice of Jesus, “My Father’s house is to be called a house of prayer!” A house of prayer – a safe place where people could come to have a conversation with God. Jesus is passionate about people being able to connect with His Father. He is moved to tears and provoked to anger over it.

Here’s the question I’ve been asking myself: If Jesus were to throw open the doors of Brentwood Baptist Church, what would he turn over, throw out, or run off? Would He recognize this church as a house of prayer, a safe place where people can meet with God? Are we doing anything to stand in the way of that?

Brentwood Baptist Church
is his house. Would he recognize his home? Would he know us as his people?

I have my thoughts. What are yours?

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7 thoughts on “Is Jesus angry with us?

  1. Yes, I think BBC is a place of prayer & a safe place for people to meet God. However, my first reaction was that Jesus might get angry with BBC because of the great potential within the church to do so much more. Sometimes the church and its leadership are to blame and sometimes the individual members/attendees are. BBC leadership (in my opinion) has the right focus and urges its members to do more. However, I don’t think everyone always does or gives what they could. Let’s be honest… we have one of the wealthiest churches in Tennessee & we could do so much more if everyone tithed & participated in service opportunities. When we do Great Day of Service, we have around 10-15% participation. We do big & great things as a church but we could do so much more. That would make Jesus angry I think but that’s an individual heart problem not a corporate heart problem.

  2. When two or more are gathered in his name he promises us to be in our presence.So surely Jesus comes through the doors the windows, the walls and any way he wants every day at BBC. We have been visiting Brentwood for about 2 months and I have been able to have great discussions with Jesus in your Church. Mike is delivering the annointed words of God with his message and Jesus speaks right through him and to us. He pierces our hearts with his very important messages for us to apply to our life. So I would say that Our shepherd is tending his sheep at Brentwood and we should continue to witness to the lost, Invite them to meet us at Church so they could have a real opportunity to understand the Gospel from one of Gods very special teachers. I believe the covenant between Mike Glenn and God is real, it is strong and Gods love is shines through Your Pastor to all that come. Keep it up Brentwood. God promises 100 fold blessings for his children and I’m sure he is Happy with BBC.

    Sure we could do more. But something God teaches if you are not happy with the current status. Don’t tell others they are not doing their part get up and do their part for them. 3 john 2 to our good teacher.

  3. you (uncle mike) and your staff have helped make bbc and kairos a place where everyone feels safe to worship, share, and communicate.. believers, unbelievers, and everyone in-between.. i know of no other house of God that doesn’t shove what they perceive to be God down your throat every sunday, sunday nite, and wednesday nite, that is, if you returned after the sunday service where you were roasted like a marshmallow over hell.. you know people are broken, you know people are hurting, and you CARE.. you care at the moment, you care through the week, and you continue to care, especially when we need it the most.. everyone else just cares for the moment and says “well bless your heart..”, and then sends you on your way hoping you get better.. you have made it your focus to introduce people to Jesus under comfortable surroundings and settings and allow God to take over at their pace and on their terms, which is fundamental for everyone, as everyone is different and accepts and connects with God on a different level and time frame.. others have a quick, strong relationship and others have a slow, deep relationship, and you respect, honor, and encourage that.. you make people WANT to come to church and keep coming back.. you make it a place of peace, i have come many times to the new baskin chapel just to sit, read the word, pray, and reflect.. you (uncle mike) have been anointed by God to deliver his word and you do the FINEST job ever, as far as i’m concerned and you have taught your future preachers (aaron bryant and jay strother) very well and continue to encourage them and, in jay’s case, run them off.. (in a good way..) you teach us to love, give, receive, and be good stewards, not only with our monetary things, but with ourselves.. you have the most unique, well structured, and God-breathed church and members anywhere in the world.. rock on..!!

  4. The thing that always bugged me about Brentwood is how filthy rich it is. When I first came, I always had an underlying feeling that judging by the people around me, I felt I wasn’t rich enough to be a Christian. I know that Brentwood’s wealth is not its own fault, it is simply a reflection of the congregation and the investments that go into the church, and even where i come from (La Vergne) is considered filthy rich by the rest of the worlds standards. But that is one thing that i never felt comfortable with, is how much money Brentwood has, when they could be giving so much of it away. I still love you Mike and God speaks through you on a regular basis and i attend Kairos regularly, but it was for that reason I could never get into the church itself.

  5. If you didn’t want to go to Brentwood because of any reason you could come up with and you felt like nobody really ever cares except somebody like a mike and you were totally alone to find yourself and have peace, you could not. But If you know you have Jesus, his holy sprirt living within you but you felt all alone some times and you only have Jesus that you know will never leave you. HE is still enough. He is awesome as the true definition was taught to us by our teacher.Hear it, Believe it, Read it, and Live. In Jesus Name.

  6. Interesting Mike, I read that very passage this morning.

    I appreciate the care with which the Gospel is presented at BBC and the respect that is given to every person, regardless of the status of their walk with Jesus.

    Two things have come to mind since I first read your question. The first many may consider trival, but I wonder what Jesus would think about the commercials that run for the cafe and bookstore during service? I know, they’re businesses and need to survive and maybe people need to be reminded that they’re there. Ok. Maybe I’m stretching.

    But for something less direct, I wonder if we encourage people to become so involved with church activities that they have no time for Jesus? I could probably say that about many large churches.

    Just a few thoughts, Bryan.

  7. Mike, I am so happy to see that you are still evaluating your role as pastor of this church. I had been begged by a friend to come to Kairos for a long time, and I had always said no because I was turned off by the “mega church” aspect of Brentwood. I was raised in a church of about 50 people and I just didn’t understand how a church that big could possibly have the right purposes in mind. “They are all about money” is what I would say to myself, or “They are just for show. There isn’t any real emotion there.” But then one time, I finally agreed to come with my friend to Kairos.

    That night, you spoke about why you were so passionate about Kairos, and that if you were given the ultimatum of choosing being pastor of either Sunday morning or Kairos, that you would choose Kairos. You admitted that you were becoming a “Religious CEO” and that if you weren’t careful, you would be in the business for the complete wrong reasons. You said that you were so passionate about Kairos because it kept you grounded and helped you remember why you do what you do. I was completely blown away by your statements that night, as that’s the exact reason I have never wanted to try Brentwood Baptist.

    The more that I have attended both the church services and Kairos, I have seen you living that out in your sermons. When I hear you preach, Mike, it’s like I’m listening to Jesus himself sometimes. You have the ability to become completely transparent and just allow God to shine through you. I always come prepared with my Bible and with a notepad ready to take notes, and by the time I leave, my notepad still only has the date on it because I become so enthralled in the words that come out of your mouth. And I know without a shadow of a doubt that the words you speak are not your own. I know that God works in and through you. First of all, it takes a very humble man to admit when he is wrong, and it takes an even stronger man to maintain such closeness with God that a stranger can look at you and see Him shining through you.

    Please keep up the good work. You are ministering to so many people all over the country. I have since moved away from the Middle Tennessee area, but I still listen to you every week through the podcasts, as do many of my new friends. Through Jesus, you are changing lives and hearts.

    I don’t really have an answer to your question, but I just wanted to respond and let you know how you’ve affected my life and my perspective. Thank you for being obedient to His calling.