Is Jesus in Charge of My Work? Pt.2

If Jesus is Lord of our work, the second implication is that we should look at our jobs with kingdom eyes. That is, can we see a kingdom reason that Jesus has put us where we are? There are many stories in the Bible where God used people significantly in their work. Joseph is one of the most famous stories. Boaz met Ruth when Ruth was working. Paul went to work as a tent maker; that was one of the ways he supported his mission work as well as forming the friendships that would support his mission ministry.

Is there someone around you who needs to know the love of Christ and would benefit from your friendship? Is there a situation that you can bring kingdom values to bear on and therefore transform a situation or circumstance from bad to good? What is it that God is up to in the place where you are working?

Paul tells us God is working to redeem all of creation and to pull all of it under His Lordship. That would include our work. So how is God using you to reclaim, to redeem the part of the world where He has placed you? The resurrection means that Jesus is reclaiming His rightful place as Lord over every aspect of our life.

Today’s question: How would you see your work differently if you looked at it through kingdom eyes?

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