Is Jesus in Charge of My Work?

Most of us spend the vast majority of our lives at work; it consumes most of our days and weeks. The capitalist society we live in has elevated work to the point that it literally defines who we are as people—rightly or wrongly. When someone asks us about ourselves, most of us answer by telling them what we do. If Jesus is Lord of everything, how does His Lordship change how we think and feel about work?

The first implication is a very clear teaching from the apostle Paul, both in Colossians 3:17, 22-24 and Ephesians 6:5-8. He emphasized that we do our work for the Lord, not for our employers or even our masters if we were slaves. Everything we do, we do as if we are doing it for the Lord Himself, because, in fact, we are.

This dramatically changes our work ethic. If we see that our work is a ministry to the Lord, it should inspire us to be the best employee our company has. We should be known for our good attitude, our hard work, our faithfulness to commitments, our integrity and high ethical standards. We should be on time, work hard and enthusiastically in the places where the Lord has assigned us.

The question of the days is: Does your work ethic, your attitude toward work reflect that you work and serve the Lord Jesus too?

More thoughts tomorrow. Tune in.

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