It’s the Little Things

It’s the Little Things

The other day, I was walking out of the office when I saw one of our staff members and his wife getting into their car to leave. I noticed he didn’t open the car door for his wife. So, I walked over to him and in a half joking/half serious manner, I mentioned his oversight. He ran around the car and held the car door while she got in.

I know. It’s a little thing.

But that’s the point. It’s the little things that tighten the weave of the marriage or gradually pull it apart. Little things—like anger unspoken that freezes into bitterness and resentment. Little things—like a forgotten goodbye kiss that’s never remembered. The little things, overlooked and left undone, pull the thread from the marriage and gradually unravel the whole thing.

I’ve never seen a pilot fly an airplane he or she didn’t walk around and check. I know. It’s a little thing.

I’ve never seen firefighters show up for their shifts and not check their equipment. I know. It’s a little thing.

I’ve never seen a good carpenter cut a piece of wood without checking the measurements one more time. I know. It’s a little thing.

Opening the car door, saying “thank you” and “please,” holding hands, and never forgetting a good-bye kiss, or a birthday or anniversary.

I know. These things are so little. But they make a huge difference.

How do I know? Remember the couple I mentioned earlier? The wife found me a few days later and said, “He hasn’t missed a chance to hold the door open for me since you said something to him.” You should have seen the smile on her face.

I know. It’s a little thing.

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