Known by Our Generosity

Followers of Christ are known, or should be known, by their generosity.

We’ve received the greatest gift of all—the gift of God’s Son. And because this gift brings our lives meaning, hope, and purpose, we’re able to give “things” their proper place in our lives.

Things are nice. Things can be useful. But they’re still just things. They can’t love me back. They can’t make my life any more joyful. They can’t bring peace.

So, the first thing a Christ-follower knows is not to clutter our lives up with stuff. We leave space for relationships, conversations, and listening. After all, these are what make life worth living.

Second, Christ-followers have learned to hold things lightly. If someone else needs what we have, we’re free to loan it to them or just give it to them outright. We know our lives aren’t validated by the things we carry with us in our lives.

The old saying goes, “The one with the most toys when he dies wins.”

Really? Surely there has to be more to life than the amassing of toys, gimmicks, and gadgets to fill our time. That’s just such a waste of life.

We’re made to love—to love God, love each other, and love ourselves.

We don’t need a whole lot of stuff to do that. And what we don’t need, we’re free to give away.

The world will see this as generosity, but the Christ-follower will know it for what it is: creating more room for the things of life that matter—really matter.

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