My Goal for the New Year

I have grown too old and too frustrated to go through the annual illusion of making resolutions for the New Year. If I had a dollar for every resolution I’ve made I would be a rich man indeed. If, however, I had a dollar for every resolution I had kept over my life time, I would be as broke. . .well, as broke as I am now. Funny thing is, any one who is familiar with Roberts Rules of Order and parliamentarian procedure can tell you resolutions have no binding effect on an organization. A body can pass a resolution to express how the organization is feeling at any given moment, but the adoption of a resolution requires NO ACTION by the members. And that’s the key, isn’t it? New Year’s resolutions, like any other resolutions, require no action. Without action, nothing happens and that’s why most resolutions fail. This year, I have only one goal – to be more like Christ. That’s it. I simply want to be more like Him this year and less like the guy I was in 2009. Now, with most things that have to do with following Jesus, this sounds easier than it is. First, there is a lot of me that is not like Christ. I will have to do quite a bit of soul work to begin to become more like Christ. . .wait. . .I have tried this before. This is the old “fixin’ to get ready” game of pseudo discipleship. A lot of people I know. . .me included. . .spend all of their time dealing with the negative aspects of their lives and never deal with the positives of Christ. We say to Christ, “Let us deal with this anger, grief, failure, sin (fill in your own blank), and then we will focus on you.” And we know what happens, don’t we? We never get finished with the negatives in our lives. We never get to Jesus. And we grow bitter and frustrated to the point that most of us give up. But what if we start with Jesus and not ourselves? What if we study His life, His words and we say, “this is the way I want to be” and thus, we invite Christ more and more into our lives. As our lives become filled more and more with His light, the darkness within our own lives is chased away. As we learn His ways, we forget the old ways of despair. It’s not a matter of saying “no” to all of the junk in our lives, but a simple process of continually saying “yes” to Jesus everyday. So, for 2010, this is my only desire. . .to become more like Christ. I am not wasting time trying to straighten out my life. I am not wasting time trying to get rid of the garbage of past mistakes. I want to be like Jesus. I want to be with Jesus. I am saying “yes” to Jesus in 2010. The “no’s” will take care of themselves.

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