Nashville is the worst place in the world for name-dropping. Whenever you talk to someone here and they tell you they know famous stars, be sure to get the full story.

They probably don’t really know them. They just passed them on the interstate. For some reason, a casual hello in a coffee shop or an exchanged smile in a grocery store becomes the foundation of a life-long “friendship.”

But recognizing someone from a picture isn’t the same as actually knowing them.

I guess I partially blame social media for this. After all, how can a person have thousands of friends they’ve never actually met?

The same thing is happening in Christianity. A few months ago, a survey identified the “NONES” as the fastest growing religious group in America. How ironic is that? The fastest growing religious group claims no religion at all.

As you can imagine, a lot of people were disturbed. Actually, I was relieved. For me, the survey marks a great step forward in HONESTY. That’s right—honesty.

When you’ve been around the church as long as I have, the one thing you become convinced of is this: all the people who claim to be Christians simply aren’t. Do the math. It’s not that hard to figure out.

If Christians are the salt of the earth, there simply can’t be that much salt and no difference made in the taste of life. If Christians are the light of the world, then why is our world so dark?

You know why—just like I do. Most people haven’t really met Jesus at all. They’ve just dropped His name.