Returning the Mystery to Your Marriage [Podcast]

Returning the Mystery to Your Marriage [Podcast]

Today’s podcast is an excerpt of a sermon I recently preached from Ephesians 5. When we talk about the issue of marriage, let’s confess that we as the church of Jesus Christ have surrendered the biblical understanding of marriage to a romanticized fantasy that is perpetuated by our culture. The first place that biblical marriage has to be restored is in the church. We can’t continue to do cute weddings anymore. We must hold weddings, and encourage marriages that are committed to the lordship of Jesus Christ.

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One thought on “Returning the Mystery to Your Marriage [Podcast]

  1. Shortly thereafter we returned to our guests with the radio playing as I recounted the backstory. My daughter, Devin, who came out of her bedroom just before the ceremony began, added, I heard the music coming from your room just as you were about to start. The odd thing is that we were there getting ready just minutes before that time, sans music.