Sometimes You Just Don’t Want to See…

The afternoon of Jesus’ crucifixion, the sun went black. Scientists tell us there was probably a total eclipse around that time.

The gospel writers seem to see something different. The scene of God dying for His sinful children was just too much for creation to watch. So, in horror of seeing the One who had made them, the sun simply refused to shine.

I know my interpretation is a little poetic, but that doesn’t make it any less true. There is something about the death of Jesus that is just too horrible to watch. That’s why most of His disciples weren’t there. That’s why His friends left Him. Some things are just too hard to watch. And it’s the same reason most of rush by this day to try and get to the good news of Easter.

We want Jesus back again. If Jesus is alive, then everything is going to be OK. But right now, Jesus is dying. The sun is dark and things are not OK.

This is what sin looks like.

This is what it cost.

Some things we just don’t want to see, but see we must. If we don’t know the desolation of Good Friday, we can’t know the joy of Easter.