The Lack of Fathers [Podcast]

The Lack of Fathers

In this episode of Creating Real Marriages that Last, I talk about the significant role fathers play in the lives of their children. I share with my co-host, Darrel Girardier, some of the lessons I learned from my father that I’ve passed down to my sons. In addition, we discuss why fathers are so essential in the upbringing of both boys and girls. Society struggles when fathers are absent, and it’s an epidemic that must be stopped.

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One thought on “The Lack of Fathers [Podcast]

  1. Mike,

    I am a big fan and absolutely love your preachings and love listening to you talk. My wife and I have moved away from the brentwood/Nashville area recently and I am hoping to listen to these podcasts often, however there is one Major problem. I don’t want this to come across as a mean response, but please tell Darryl, the co-host to stop interrupting your talks with “mhmm” and “right”. It’s a terrible practice, and though I’m sure his intent, if he realizes he is doing it, is to acknowledge what you’re saying, its extremely rude and incredibly distracting to your listeners. Darryl, when you ask a question, simply let Mike talk and, unless you have a reason to interrupt, please stop making these interviewing mistakes that are so distracting.

    Best Wishes.