The Only Gift That Matters

A few years ago, I remember reading a Ralph Waldo Emerson quote that said something like, “There’s only one gift that matters—yourself. Everything else is just a poor substitute.” If that’s not the exact quote, it’s pretty close.

Anyway, the point remains.

And it’s a point that is particularly important to those of us who are trying to find a “perfect gift” for our wives or husbands. Let me make two points in response. First, relax. There is no such thing as a perfect gift. So, take that pressure off of yourself.

Second, what your spouse really wants for Christmas is YOU. They don’t know how to tell you that, but it’s true. What they really want is your full attention, your time, your energy, and your essence. What your husband really wants is for you to sit down and watch his favorite team with him. If he’s working on the car, go out to the garage and hand him a wrench.

Take your wife shopping and watch her try on clothes. Take her to a chick flick. I know these ideas are corny, but the point is for you to find a way to give yourself totally to your spouse—no distractions. No interruptions. Just them. Just you.

Find a gift—and it really doesn’t have to be expensive. It does have to symbolize that you—all of you—are the real gift. Without that, the only thing you’ve given your spouse is a future trip to Goodwill.

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