The Slow Movement of Discipleship

Physics teaches us that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. You would expect that as our world continues to demand more and more speed in our lives, people are starting to react against the pressure to constantly speed up life.

Several “slow” movements have started developing around the world. There’s the “slow food” movement – people who will cook or dine out together with the goal of simply enjoying their meal together as much as they can. No gadgets are allowed. The conversations are unhurried. Each dish is discussed and savored. Everybody’s taking their time. There are slow vacation movements, slow reading groups – even slow dating groups . . .

. . . if it’s been sped up, people are beginning to slow it down.

Me? I’m going to start a slow discipleship movement. I think we need to slow down when we read our Bibles. We need to chew the words slowly. We need to hold them up to the light and turn them slowly to see every facet of their beauty. We need to ponder their meaning and carefully think through how these words apply to our lives.

You can’t hurry this process. You can’t hurry transformation. It just takes time.

Most of the disciples’ time with Jesus was spent walking from place to place. For three years, the disciples hung out with Jesus. They learned about Jesus by simply being with Him. The process hasn’t changed. Becoming a disciple is more than sitting somewhere and reading about Jesus. We become disciples by being with Jesus.

We believe Jesus is alive. He promises to be with His people. If we believe that’s true, why would we hurry past this moment?

So, grab your Bible (yeah, the paper one), grab a pen and a journal

. . . read slowly

. . . think deeply

. . . pray patiently

. . . slow down.

Jesus has all the time in the world.