The Word is Yes

Tomorrow, my new book, The Gospel of Yes, will be released. We’re pretty excited about the launch of the new book and what it will mean in the lives of people who read it.

I wrote the book because I was tired of hearing about everything that God and Christians were against.  Frankly, that hadn’t been my experience. I was raised in a Christian home with loving parents whose love for me allowed them to make a lot of sacrifices so I could have what I needed (and mostly wanted) to be successful in my life. I always had enough to eat, good clothes to wear, and a chance to pursue my dreams through education.

I know that everyone didn’t grow up like this, but when Jesus was looking for a metaphor to help us understand the Father’s love, He told us to think about an earthly father who really loved his children, and then, push that image to infinity. That was the Father’s love for us.  With my dad, I had no problem at all with that picture.

So, I always understood God loved me and because He loved me, He wanted what was best for me.  This included saying “yes” and “no.”  Some things were permitted and encouraged while other things were off limits. Here is what I found out about things that were off limits. They were bad for me.  The rules God had established were for my benefit, my happiness. He hadn’t given us a bunch of rules out of anger, but out of love. He told us “no” for the same reason my parents wouldn’t let me play in the street. . .it wasn’t good for me.

I also understood that because God had created me as a unique individual, my relationship with Him would be unique as well. I’m a father of twin sons.  I love each of my boys, but they are different young men and thus, need different things from me.  Why are we surprised to think God would love us as uniquely as He made us?

I love the moment when my friends find their Yes in Christ. I love it when they use their gifts in the moment for which God created them. There’s nothing better in life.  That’s what I live for.

Following Christ is much more than just being against.

It’s living for!

For Christ!

For His kingdom!

For His world!

Jesus really is the Yes of God in human flesh and that’s something I can live for.

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