Things Change

7 Things that have changed since I became pastor of Brentwood Baptist in 1991.

1. We moved! From 409 Franklin Road to our new facilities on 7777 Concord Road.

2. My first computer had a green screen and used a DOS operating sytem.

3. We have 6 weekly worship venues every week (4 worship experiences on Sunday at the Brentwood campus, one at Station Hill campus and Kairos on Tuesday night).

4. Our membership has gone from 900 in 1991 to over 7,500 in 2010.

5. We have 500+ people who join our services by internet every week.

6. Social media is a big part of my job now. I’ve learned to Twitter.

7. My twin sons Chris and Craig have graduated college, married and started their own lives.

But the Word of God has not changed.

What’s changed in your life?

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One thought on “Things Change

  1. Those 7 are some wonderful warm changes that you have experienced in the last 18 or 19 years.I would think the transformation changes that Jesus has made in your life are very valuable to you and then I don’t know but probably your wife and the experiences you 2 have gone through stand out like they were just yesterday and twins oh what a job for a mother and father to enjoy and labor for all those years. Just think what 7 plus grandchildren will be like. We all have our changes in life and they are up and down and they are blessings and trials. We that serve a mighty God are so blessed to be protected by such a great Savior.

    Mike I assure you that as you go through the next 18 or 19 years the changes will multiply and they will not all be so warm and wonderful. “Unless, Jesus comes back tonight”. This world has many problems that hurt so many people who are lost and you have a Covenant with God to tackle as many as you can bring to him. In 18 years you will not be Pastor of Brentwood anymore , Probably Pastor Emitrius or with Him and your Pastor search committe will be under a new Pastor and Brentwood will go through some hard changes and some wonderful members that were here in 1991 will move on and this Church will try to carry on what Jesus did through Mike Glenn here. It will be hard because the new Pastor has a mind of his own and God will use that mind to grow BBC in a new way(maybe something like Kairos II). I do not want to sound negative about Change becaus the greatest happening in this world is to be Saved and Changed and have New Life in Jesus Christ by the transformation of the Holy Spirit… Change is what God made us to do, not that all will. Thank you God for your Word that has never changed and can never be stopped and will always win. Mike people can burn all the Bible and Tell all the lies they want but nobody can change the Word of God.The word is so powerful that anyone who gets in its way will be crushed and split to smitherines. You and I know that the Word is the sharpest two edged sword in all of Gods history. It is the most powerful weapon we have for Victory here on earth. As long as I can hear God’s Word from you and have eyes that can read my Holman Christian Study Bible and learn, I’m very excited about the Changes God has in store for me the next 18 or 19 years. Who knows we may be hanging out with Jesus then enjoying all those treasures we stored. For now I will fish, you will preach and we will wait watching out the window for his return. God Bless you my Friend.