Time Change

Spring is telling us that summer is on the way. The temps are rising, and the days are longer. We love this part of the time change. The days go almost to 9:00 p.m. You can get off work and still get in a round of golf.

But a few weeks ago, when we “sprung forward,” nobody liked the time change. Everybody hated it. Everyone wanted to know: “Who thought of Daylight Saving Time and why do we have to do this anyway?” We heard a lot of answers about Ben Franklin and how many inches of candles we could save if we changed the time.

None of this made sense. None of it mattered to us. We just knew we were tired from losing an hour of sleep.

But that’s not the only time change our lives go through, is it? In fact, if you’re married, you will go through a lot of time changes. Here’s the problem: they aren’t marked on any calendar.

But they still happen, don’t they?

You get married and start your lives together. Time changes. Things take longer. After all, you have to get 2 people there, not just one.

You have a baby…time changes.

That baby grows up to become a teenager…time changes.

That baby leaves for college…time changes.

Your parents become ill…time changes.

You retire…time changes.

Many times throughout your life together, time will change. It will slow down, and it will speed up. Days will get longer and then, without warning, the nights will get longer.

Time change. One of the most important skills a couple can learn is how to tell if time has changed.

What about you? Has time changed? What are you going to do differently now that it has?

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