Two Things Every Believer Should Know

Every believer should be able to tell me two things real fast. First, they should be able to tell where they are reading the Scripture. Every believer should find a way to be in the STUDY (note: I did not say reading!) of the Word. No exceptions. Second, every believer should be able to tell me what Jesus is teaching them in the moment. Jesus is a teacher. That’s why so many of His followers called Him Rabbi. He is still teaching. He is teaching His followers the ways of the Father. And in prayer, in Bible study, through the wisdom of other believers, Jesus is teaching us to be more like Him and less like the world. This means at any given moment, we as believers are taking something out of our lives that DOESN’T look like Jesus and/or we are adding something that DOES look like Jesus. The process is ongoing and personal. Every believer knows what area of their lives Jesus is working on. It is one of the ways we know we are His. He is constantly working IN us and THROUGH us. Yes, I know where Jesus is working in my life but I don’t have room in this blog to go into it all. What about you? Where are you studying in the Bible and what is Jesus teaching you? Every believer should know those two things.

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