Uncle Mike’s Shortcut to Successful Christmas Shopping for Your Wife

Uncle Mike’s Shortcut to Successful Christmas Shopping for Your Wife

The Christmas holidays bring a lot of stress to our lives. We pack up the family for an exhausting drive to see our families. Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like several hours in a car with over sugared, hyped up kids. We have to listen to the same stories from the same relatives. After all, it’s not Christmas unless you’re trapped in a small living room with a few dozen of your relatives.

And then there is the torture of having to buy a Christmas present for your wife. All of us guys have had that moment listening to a friend of ours who gave his wife hedge trimmers for Christmas. That ended up ruining Christmas and most of January too. There’s so much pressure to NOT get the WRONG gift is makes getting the right gift seem almost impossible.

But there IS a way…and here it is.

First, your wife tells you all year long what she wants for Christmas. You just have listen…and take notes. Whenever you’re with her and she says, “I would like to have…” or “One day, what I really want…” Make a note. Sure, not all of these statements are realistic. Some are just wishes, and you know they’re never going to happen (like wanting the Falcons to make the Super Bowl), but others have a grain of truth.

When it comes time to buy a gift…all you have to do is check the list and choose one. Which means—and this will shock you—a vacuum cleaner is a perfectly legitimate gift if (and this is a big if) it’s something she really needs and has mentioned. You can give practical gifts. That’s fine. Just be sure that’s not all you give. At least one of the gifts has to be to her as your girlfriend. I don’t care how long you’ve been married; you have to keep dating.

A great gift does two things: first, it shows you’ve been paying attention. Second, it shows you know her. So, let’s think back…what has she said she really wanted this past year? Start there.

Now, what is it about her that makes her “her”? Is it her perfume? (Yes, you should know this.) Does she keep a journal? Does she give and give and never think about herself? Write down what makes her “her” in one sentence. Now, what gift best expresses or complements that? That’s what you give.

Does she collect anything? Jeannie loves Teddy Bears. A bear is always a winner.

You see, Christmas doesn’t always have to be a disaster. It doesn’t have to be filled with anxiety or stress. You can make Christmas work. All you have to do is listen a little bit, think a little bit, and then, do what you know to do.

But trust me, you can make the moment happen. You know the moment I’m talking about. The moment when she opens the present and realizes the care and thought that went into the gift and knows that no one knows her like you do—that no one loves her like you do.

It doesn’t matter what’s in the box. If she feels known and loved when she opens it, it’s a great Christmas!

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