Warning: The Holidays Can be Hazardous to Your Health

According to most psychologists, January is a difficult month for most people. Not only are the days shorter, colder and the nights longer, but Christmas is such a disappointment.

Think about that. The best news the world has ever heard is now a let- down for us. Promises of “good news of great joy” just never seem to get to us. And if they do, they don’t stay long.

Why is that? Do you really want to know?

The first reason is that what we call Christmas and what we celebrate during December is not Christmas. It may be fun, it may be nice, but it’s not Christmas.

From now until the first weeks of January, we’ll be pummeled with advertisements about what to buy the people we love for Christmas. We’ll be told how important it is for us to buy and buy because our economy counts on consumers. We’ll be hounded by family until we agree to be at the right house at the right time.

And we’ll enter into the new year exhausted and angry. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Christmas is about Christ. So, make it about Him. Make worship and service, not shopping and spending, the focus of your Christmas.

There’s no rule that says you have to see everyone at Christmas. Make sensible travel plans and don’t spend yourself into debt. Anyone who demands that of you isn’t your friend.

Every year, more and more people talk about the need to keep Christ in Christmas. Let’s make sure it starts with us.

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