What Money Isn’t

Most married couples spend way too much time arguing about money. Most parents spend too much time working in order to give their children the things the parents think the child needs. True, no one in church is comfortable talking about money, but in reality, no one is comfortable talking about money.

One of the reasons we don’t like talking about money is that most of us aren’t sure what money is.

Let me begin by listing a few things money isn’t:

  • Money isn’t a measure of self-worth.
  • Money isn’t a measure of how important you are.
  • Money isn’t love.
  • Money isn’t power (political, corporate, etc.).

What money becomes depends on what we choose to invest it in. Whatever we fund is empowered to accomplish its purpose.

Left on the table, money isn’t anything. It doesn’t do anything.

Money isn’t important in and of itself, but how we spend it does reveal what we believe is important. We spend money on those people and things we believe are valuable. For instance, if you don’t tithe, then you don’t think the work of God’s Kingdom in the world is important.

Money does reveal what we believe matters. That’s the conversation most of us need to have: What matters to us? What do we value in our lives? Does our spending reflect that?

Find the answer to these questions and you’ll find a way to talk about money…because it will be tied to those things that really matter in your life.

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