What’s Your Life Verse?

This past Sunday, the sermon text was Luke 4:14-21, the passage in which Jesus reads from the scroll of Isaiah at the beginning of His public ministry. Jesus tells the people, “I’ve come to fulfill this scripture.” This was the passage that defined Jesus’ public ministry, giving us a framework to understand everything He did. On the way out of the service, a friend yelled at me, “Hey, Mike. What’s your life verse?” The answer was easy. I’d been asking myself that question ever since I read Luke 4 in my personal Bible study.

What scripture defines me? The story of the Gerasene Demoniac. Jesus’ encounter with this madman is recorded in Matthew 8:28-34, Mark 5:1-20 and Luke 8:26-39.

I love the way Jesus responds to this man. Everyone else responds with fear or brutality, but Jesus approaches and asks the man his name. “Tell me your story,” Jesus asks the man. For me, this has been a significant teaching in dealing with people. Sometimes the most Christ-like thing you can do for another person is to listen to their story.

But there are two other reasons why this story is significant for me. First, Jesus has always been very real to me. There has never been a time in my life when I questioned His existence. That’s been God’s gift to me. I love to study the Bible; I love to pray. If I could, I would spend all of my time reading and studying and thinking about Jesus. Like the Gerasene Demoniac, I would love to get in the boat and sail away with Jesus. But He won’t let me.

And second, He sends me back to my people—my family—to tell them what Jesus has done for me. I have always understood myself as a child of the church. I love the local church. I believe if God does anything significant in people’s lives—anything transformative in the world—He will do it through the local church. The church is the body of Christ, and it is through us, primarily, that God has chosen to work in the world.

So, I still love my times with Jesus, but I will always come back to the church. I know who I am. I know what I am called to do. This passage frames my life. The words give my life focus and clarity. There is an intensity and urgency to this passage; that’s why it defines me so well. That’s why I find a sense of healing and hope every time I read it.

What’s your life verse? Why?

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4 thoughts on “What’s Your Life Verse?

  1. this sermon was really good, was another view about work, and you let me think to much about Jesus like carpenter.

  2. Thanks for letting all of us see Christ through you!!

    My life verse is Genesis 1:3 “And God said, ‘Let there be light.’ and there was light.”

    For me, once I understood the personal meaning of the first words spoken by God, I understood the whole shooting match. Light is woven throughout the entire Bible in many ways, and ends Revelation. I have always had a fascination with light, and anything that reflects it! As I heard someone say once, there is nothing so powerful about the darkness that a single flicker of a fragile flame can’t extinguish! Blessings Mike!

  3. Hi Mike, I really enjoy your sermons and I could see the confidence you have in your Christian walk and your Gifts that God gave you even before you just told us in your description of your Life Verse.You definitely Shine for the Lord. I have personally known a few men and women like you and I know you receive this strong confidence from the Lord.People like you Bless my Life. Your message Sunday really hit home with many that heard you. My wife very seldom makes a statement about her personal thoughts of a message. Don’t get me wrong she writes all over her Bible and takes many notes. Her father was a Southern Baptist Preacher for many years. I think she knows every word in every Hymn in our Baptist Hymnals because she played the Piano for him for many years in Church.

    She told me on the way to Lunch after Church. I know for sure God was speaking to me in his Sermon. I need to do what Mike said about letting Gods light shine showing my co workers Love,Kindness,and all the other lessons you said we should do. I also agree that you hit the nail on the head for many and it was straight from the word and we all know it and we don’t do it at work.

    Back to your question;I wanted to answer your question about my Life Verse and I think the Bible explains me in many verses but one that I count on daily is very special to me. It may sound cheating to some but God taught me so I don’t think so.

    It is Proverbs 16:3. Commit your ways to the Lord and your thoughts will be Established.

    It is my way of always knowing Gods will in my life and counting on the results to be his not mine. It also leads me to know by application in my Job daily that the results of my thoughts and prayers I know will be established by God.When I make hard choices in the decisions that include other people they are included in Gods will even at work when they don’t even know I’m praying for them. I think this is a form of Gods seeds we plant and some even ask me what it is and that is my opportunity to open my mouth for Jesus. I think you kinda touched on that point Sunday. The Bible says that your Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom and I believe that he wants us in complete surrender to have his Wisdom. Then Gods Wisdom is as simple as decisions that must be made daily with the application of Biblical principals is Gods Wisdom for us in our lives. Do you understand what I mean? I confuse people sometimes but God makes it so clear to me.Sorry!

    I really do not want to take up so much of your time on this Blog or Hog the space but every time you ask us a question I can’t not respond. I make myself not go to your Blog page for a few days at a time and when I do it’s the next question.You and Jesus have made this experience very touching to me. and it is FUN. I wish more people would get involved with this experience of RETHINKING our thoughts with you and Jesus. Thank you Mike again. Jesus is so good to us and I give him all the Glory.

  4. I’m only a teenager, but I’m trying to model my life after Ephesians 6:19-20.

    “Pray also for me, that whenever I open my mouth, words may be given me so that I will fearlessly make known the mystery of the Gospel, for which I am an ambassador in chains. Pray that I may declare it fearlessly, as I should.”