Where to Find Your Safe Place

Throughout the city, you can find signs that designate a location as a “Safe Place.”

Sometimes, the building is constructed to meet certain guidelines so it can withstand tornadoes. Signs remind people: in case of storms, this is a safe building to go to for cover.

Other times, you’ll see a “Safe Place” sign for children.

If you’re a child and you’re in any kind of danger, you can come to that facility and someone will help you—no questions asked.

All of us need safe places.

We need trusted relationships where we can lay out our stuff without fear of being condemned or judged. We need friends who can listen to our mistakes and failures and hold them in confidence.

Over and over, we try to make the point that the church isn’t a building, but the people. This means the sanctuary isn’t SOME PLACE—it’s SOMEBODY.

As Christ-followers, we’re the safe place for our friends, a sanctuary where those who seek God can find Him.

Jesus doesn’t live in a building, but in the lives of His disciples. As our hearts meet the hearts of our friends, they in turn meet the heart of Jesus.

That’s a safe place. That’s sanctuary.