Why I Voted

The other day, as I was standing in line to vote, I sent a tweet about my voting. I was surprised by the responses – most were cynical! I was asked which “liar” I voted for and several suggested that Christ followers shouldn’t be involved in the political process at all.

No one has to explain the dirty side of politics to me. My dad was a politician. I’ve seen all of the deals and betrayals that sicken most of us to the point we won’t get involved in the political process at all. Yet, saying the political system is corrupt is like saying the sky is blue. Of course, the political system is corrupt. Every human process is. Our education systems are corrupt. Our churches are corrupt. Our health care systems are corrupt. If human beings are involved, it’s going to be messed up somehow. People have the Midas touch of failure. No matter how good the gift, we can find a way to screw it up. That’s just a given. 

Yet, the great prophet Jeremiah wrote, as exiles, we’re commanded to work for the good of city. As the city prospers, so will we.  That is, as the United States prospers, so will the churches in the US. The kingdom of God has to be financed. Feeding the hungry, providing health care for the poor, building homes for the homeless and digging wells for clean water all cost money.  That means God will grant believers success in order to provide the resources for these ministries.

The political process is how we work for the good of city and country.  As flawed as it is, it’s still the best system out there.  So, I voted.

What about you? Did you vote? Why or why not?

What kinds of things did you think about as you voted? 

Which of Christ’s teachings was most helpful to you?


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10 thoughts on “Why I Voted

  1. This will be the first year I didn’t vote, and I did not come to that decision lightly. I truly did not feel like I could stand behind the basic tenets of the democratic representative and his party, and while I feel my personal beliefs align more with the Republican representative and his party, I could not willingly say that I would vote for someone to lead our country who doesn’t hold the same beliefs that I do as a Christ follower.

      • While I feel that your opinion is a bit shortsighted…and I truly believe logic is lacking in such a comment, I do respect that you have an opinion. I stand firm, however, that my fingerprint is not on something for which I am not totally sold out. I simply cannot back someone who doesn’t support the Bible or the Trinity…not in a president or anyone else. That’s just my standard….and it doesn’t mean I voted for anyone, because I did not. 

  2. I voted based on the candiate I believed had the greatest family values and knows business. I trust God will provide the grace we need as a country to recover.

  3. I voted this morning. Though I find both candidates lacking, I voted for the one that comes closest to supporting my values. I also realized that many people long ago fought and died for my right to vote. I dishonor them when I choose not to exercise my right.  – From a Christian perspective I feel we should be involved in all areas of our community. For it is out in the community that can best be a witness. If I ignore the political process how can I ever hope for true dedicated Christian leaders to run for office?

  4. I once heard that Christianity and politics cannot coexist….that they’re literally diametrically opposed …one is of the world, and one of the spiritual realm. But, ….are we not both of the spiritual realm and of the flesh? Indeed, we are flesh and spirit, combined….God recognizes our sinfulness….that’s why he sent Christ to redeem the flesh. This, too, I believe, is why Christ said “Pay to Caesar what is Caesar’s…give unto God what is God’s…” In other words, give to Caesar the things of this world (i.e. money, taxes), but give to God what is God’s….(i.e. your soul, salvation, faith, hope, love…the intangibles, the fruits of the SPIRIT). In the same way, perhaps this is why Paul speaks of secular authorities in Romans 13, when he doesn’t ask…but demands…that we pay taxes…because the ‘authorities’ are God’s servants….Paul believed that God elects certain people into governing capacities…part of His overarching plan…a plan that is far too inconceivable for our finite minds. It is not wrong to vote. Politics and Christian spirituality ARE diametrically opposed, I don’t deny that the Kingdom of God is above and beyond secular authorities…. I imagine God chuckles to himself a little bit over it all….but certainly, there can be no denying that His plan will prevail…regardless of our ‘vote’ (i.e. 2000 Elections)….because He is and He is the elector.

    We vote because God has instituted this earthly governing authority over us, and it is a part of His plan. And, I suppose, we just accept that and stop questioning and imposing nonsensical Christian rhetoric about whether one is a bad Christian if he votes. Besides, governing authorities have existed since the dawn of time. I find it irrational to think human beings can exist WITHOUT a form of elected officials to GOVERN what is right and what is wrong. “They are God’s servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also as a matter of conscience….This is also why you pay taxes….”-Romans 13

  5. I voted because it only takes 5% to end the 2 party choke hold. Because I believe in what our Founding Fathers stood for and the Constitution that they drafted. Live Free.

  6. Wow. I can’t imagine not voting. I have voted since I was 18 and get teary-eyed every time that I stand in line to vote: thanking God that He has placed me in this wonderful country at this exact place and time for His purpose and glory. What a great privilege that some one like little ol’ me gets a chance to be part of the political process, regardless of how small it may seem.  I think it is my patriotic, even Christian, responsibility to stay informed and to vote. I can’t ever imagining not.