Writing and Risking

This week I am at a writer’s conference in Denver. I will be listening to presentations from publishers, agents, editors and successful writers. I have always wanted to be a writer. It’s one of those dreams that you hold deep within your soul and guard like a diamond, that once shaped and polished, will be of untold worth.

But coming to place like this is scary for me. It’s a reach, and way outside my comfort zone. I love writing. I think I can write…but what if one of these guys tells me I can’t write? What then?

Have you ever had a dream so precious to you that you would rather keep the dream than make an attempt that fails and lose the dream? That’s where I am. A part of me loves the dream more than the attempt to make the dream happen. The result is getting caught in the proverbial catch 22. You want to, but don’t want to; you don’t want to, but you have to.

Well, I’m here. I guess that’s the first step. And I guess I must be a writer. I mean, who else comes to writer’s conferences?

So, I guess I had better start writing. There is nothing more useless than a writer who’s not writing.

What do you dream about doing? What’s stopping you?

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One thought on “Writing and Risking

  1. I know this is an older post but it really speaks to me. I’m having that internal conversation regarding the same dream. Thanks, as usual, for letting us know we are not alone. We have friends with the same issues and we have Jesus who made us this way in the first place! Blessings today to you and Jeannie.