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Check Your Bearings

Ships do not sail in a straight line. Wise captains are constantly adjusting their course to counter the effects of the winds and currents. Cars do not travel in a straight line. Good drivers are constantly making small steering adjustments to counter the pull of the road and yes, even the wind. Notice your hands the next time you drive. Your hands are constantly reacting to the outside forces that try to push or pull your car off its course. We do not live in straight lines. Our lives are constantly pushed and pulled by family demands, professional expectations,...more

The Dirty Work of Life

When you’re a kid, you grow up thinking when you’re older, you won’t ever do chores again. As you get older, of course, you realize that you’ll be doing chores for the rest of your life. Garbage doesn’t empty itself. Clothes don’t wash themselves and how often you clean the bathroom depends on just how much dirty you can stand. It’s bad enough having to clean up your own mess, but when you get married, there are two of you making the mess. Now, who cleans up? You would think this would be an easy discussion. It’s not. One...more

Preaching Your Own Funeral

Elizabeth Bridges was the church musician in the little church I grew up in. She taught me piano. Well, she gave me a few lessons and then politely suggested I find another endeavor for my life. She played the organ in our worship services, accompanied the choir on the piano, and sang with a very mellow alto voice. Elizabeth died two weeks ago and my mom and I attended her funeral. Over the years, my family has become very close to Elizabeth and her husband, Bill. When we walked in, we heard music being played on a piano. My...more

It’s About Priorities, Not the Plan

Like most of us, I have a hard time trying to keep my work/life balance in order. I have a lot that needs to be done and a lot of people that depend on me getting my work done in a timely fashion. And like most of us, I do my best to keep my time managed and well planned. But sometimes, life doesn’t work with my plan. Take this week for instance. This is budget time for our church and we’re involved in strategic planning for the coming year. There are a lot of moving parts to this...more

Showing the Way Out

I’ve long joked that sympathy is overrated. When things are going bad for me, I really don’t want someone to tell me they know how I feel. I want someone to come and say, “Yes, I know how you feel and I know the way out.” I think we forget how completely sin messes up our lives. Sin not only messes up our lives, it messes up the way our minds and bodies work. Ever talked to people trying to justify their addiction? In their minds, they’re making complete sense. That’s what happens. Sin destroys relationships, bodies, minds, and...more
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