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Why Senior Adults Matter Now More than Ever

On any given Sunday, I will speak to three generations of the same family. Throughout the week, I’ll spend time with millennials, children, families, and senior adults. Because of this, I find myself living and working in a lot of different worlds, yet during weeks like this, it’s more apparent than most. On Tuesday nights, I’m the primary Bible teacher for Kairos—a young adult worship experience. I’m also the executive editor for Mature Living, a LifeWay publication for Senior Adults. Go figure. Some days these extreme differences collide. As most physicists will tell you, it’s when things run into...more

5 Things a Real Man Knows

From time to time, a young man will walk up to me, point across the room to a young lady, and ask me if I know her. I’ll say, “Yes, I do.” When the young man hears that, he’ll ask me if I’ll make an introduction. I usually decline. The young man will be surprised and ask why not? My answer is simply, “I have credibility with her and if I introduce you, I’ll lose all of my credibility.” Once more, he’ll be shocked and want to know why I said that. “Because,” I’ll say, “she’s looking for a...more

Please Take My 2014 Reader Survey

We all know that listening is essential in conversation. So today, I’d like to listen to you. In order for me to do that, I need you to fill out my 2014 Reader Survey. This survey will allow me to better understand your needs as the reader and how I can address those needs. Thank you for your help!

Getting to Class

Most schools have attendance requirements. That is, students can only miss so many times and still pass the class. Most of my classes, however, had an implied attendance requirement—students would never pass the class if they didn’t attend class. Funny, isn’t it? We would never expect to pass chemistry if we never attended the classes or labs. Passing English would be impossible if you never read the material. All of us understand this. You can’t do well in your studies if you never attend class. You’ll never learn the subject if you don’t engage in an active learning environment....more

Four Steps to a Transforming Bible Study

The Bible has always been part of my life, so it’s easy for me to assume that it’s been part of everyone’s life. Obviously, this is not true. Some people are total strangers to the Bible and getting started in Bible Study can be intimidating. So, here are my “helpful hints” in getting started. First, get a Bible. No, I’m not being funny, just honest. By this I mean get a Bible you feel comfortable reading. There are several good translations. I use the Holman Bible. It’s easy to read and understand. Find a Bible that feels good in...more
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