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Getting to Class

Most schools have attendance requirements. That is, students can only miss so many times and still pass the class. Most of my classes, however, had an implied attendance requirement—students would never pass the class if they didn’t attend class. Funny, isn’t it? We would never expect to pass chemistry if we never attended the classes or labs. Passing English would be impossible if you never read the material. All of us understand this. You can’t do well in your studies if you never attend class. You’ll never learn the subject if you don’t engage in an active learning environment....more

Four Steps to a Transforming Bible Study

The Bible has always been part of my life, so it’s easy for me to assume that it’s been part of everyone’s life. Obviously, this is not true. Some people are total strangers to the Bible and getting started in Bible Study can be intimidating. So, here are my “helpful hints” in getting started. First, get a Bible. No, I’m not being funny, just honest. By this I mean get a Bible you feel comfortable reading. There are several good translations. I use the Holman Bible. It’s easy to read and understand. Find a Bible that feels good in...more

Tightening the Focus

Whenever we talk about discipleship, we always emphasize reading the Bible and praying. A lot of people will start reading the Bible with no particular goal in mind and meander around in the Scriptures for a few months until they get bored, and then drop it all together. Whenever Bible reading is mentioned again, they’ll simply say they didn’t get much out of it and not try again. So, let me ask this basic question: Why do we read the Bible in the first place? The answer is simple. We read the Bible to know Jesus better. We pray...more

It’s Never Been this Bad… Or Has It?

Every generation thinks they are living in the worst time of history – ever! The economy will never recover, the kids are out of control, politicians are crooks and the preachers are all hypocrites. “If we don’t turn our world around,” the conventional wisdom goes, “the whole world is going to hell in a hand basket.” These days, it’s hard to go more than one or two Sundays without hearing someone make a Doom’s Day prophecy. Before we get too carried away in our despair, let’s step back and think a minute. Do you remember studying the history of...more


According to the people who stay up late at night and worry about these things, immediate feedback is a necessary part of learning. If you’re trying to learn a new skill, and do it well, you need to have a way of knowing if you’re doing it right or wrong while you’re doing it. Criticism. . .we all get it, so how do we deal with it? First, (and this took me a long time to learn) those critics are sometimes living with a lot of pain, and anger is the only language they know. I’ve learned to listen...more
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