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It’s About Priorities, Not the Plan

Like most of us, I have a hard time trying to keep my work/life balance in order. I have a lot that needs to be done and a lot of people that depend on me getting my work done in a timely fashion. And like most of us, I do my best to keep my time managed and well planned. But sometimes, life doesn’t work with my plan. Take this week for instance. This is budget time for our church and we’re involved in strategic planning for the coming year. There are a lot of moving parts to this...more

Showing the Way Out

I’ve long joked that sympathy is overrated. When things are going bad for me, I really don’t want someone to tell me they know how I feel. I want someone to come and say, “Yes, I know how you feel and I know the way out.” I think we forget how completely sin messes up our lives. Sin not only messes up our lives, it messes up the way our minds and bodies work. Ever talked to people trying to justify their addiction? In their minds, they’re making complete sense. That’s what happens. Sin destroys relationships, bodies, minds, and...more

A Few Laughs Along the Way

If you talk to a couple that has been married a long time and ask them about the secret of their marriage, you’ll hear the same answer: a good sense of humor. Then, the couple will look at each other and laugh. The way they will look at each other will let you know that you just don’t get the joke. Who knows what they’re thinking about? The time they ran out of gas trying to get back home? The time they were too broke to buy presents, but ended up having the best Christmas ever? The night they...more

Happy Birthday, Jeannie!

Today is my wife’s birthday and yes, she’s 29 again. For her birthday, she wanted to visit her mom. So, over the weekend, she flew to Columbia, SC and spent a few days with her family. Because of my schedule, she doesn’t get to go home as much as she wants and her birthday proved to be a good time to do just that. Her absence gave me time to remember all of the reasons I love her. Our house was all boys. We have twin sons and even our dogs and cats were male. Jeannie never had a...more

How Do You Communicate Vision?

The other day, a parent in our church pulled me aside and said, “I have to tell you this. Last night when we were reading our Bible stories with our son, he took the Bible from our hands and said really loud, “This is God’s Word for God’s people. Hear it, believe it, and live.” Then she patted my arm and walked off laughing. Here’s the joke. On Sunday mornings, after I read the sermon passage, I hold up the Bible and say, “This is God’s Word for God’s People. Hear it, believe it, and live.” I’ve said that...more
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