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The Next Thing to Do

A lot of us dream about doing great things with our lives. We dream of making our marks in the world. We long to make a difference. We just don’t know what to do next. Most of the time, there’s something in the way of our great dream. There’s a skill to be learned, a degree to be earned....more

The Messenger

On that first Easter Sunday morning, no one believed Jesus would be raised from the dead. The women were going there to complete the rituals for Jesus’ burial. Their big question was who was going to roll away the stone that blocked the tomb’s entrance. When they saw the stone moved, they didn’t know what to think. When they...more

Live Like You Know

As I write this, our friend and brother, David Landrith, is dealing with the news of his diagnosis and what it means to him, his family, and his ministry. Having dealt with my own diagnosis, I have some understanding of how your life changes when you hear the news “cancer.” Suddenly, there are only a few things that matter....more

Farmers and Pastors

Jesus talked a lot about agriculture. For some reason, lessons learned by farmers are also the lessons needed by pastors. Perhaps, instead of comparing ourselves to successful CEO’s, we would do better by asking what kind of farmers we would be. What wisdom does a local farmer have that the pastor of a local church would need? First, farmers...more

There are people counting on me

I have always known being called to the ministry was a call of mercy. More than my calling being about “saving the world,” I think I was called mainly to save me. I think when God looked at me He decided that calling me to the ministry would be the only way to keep me close to home. Without...more
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