The Destination Matters

How many of us have tried to go out to dinner with our wives and asked them, “Where do you want to eat?”

Remember their answer? “I don’t know.”

I know where the Mexican restaurant is. I know where the steak and sushi places are. I know where there’s a meat and three.

But I don’t know where “I don’t know” is. No one does.

So if I ask you, “Where’s your marriage headed,” how would you answer?

Would you come back with “I don’t know”? That answer will work for your marriage just about as well as it worked for your dinner date.

Where you’re going matters. The destination determines a lot of things about the trip—how to get there, what to wear, what to pack.

And the destination of your marriage determines a lot as well—how you budget, how you spend your time, who your friends are.

So, l’ll ask you again. Where’s your marriage headed?

After all, if you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you get there?

A Steward and His Gift

As husbands the first move is ours, always ours. It’s not waiting for, if she loved me she would do this, if she loved me she would know, but it’s the ability to take responsibility in taking the first step and that comes out of the overflow of your relationship with Jesus Christ.

Here’s an interview with Adam Wheatley, one of the Kairos Worship Leaders, and newly married.

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To Maximize the Investment of the Master

Last Thursday morning (November 15) I was asked to talk to our Men in Training that meets on Thursday morning at 6:45 AM (courageous souls!) about marriage. In the attached video, I wanted to make 3 main points.

First, God had already placed Adam in the garden to work it and care for it BEFORE He gave Eve to Adam.  That means Adam would have understood his role in Eve’s life as that of steward. The role of the steward is to MAXIMIZE THE INVESTMENT OF THE MASTER.

Second, Paul’s instruction concerning marriage in Ephesians 5 places most of the responsibility of the marriage on the husband. If we as husbands can obediently love our wives as Christ loves the church, a lot marital issues will simply evaporate in the celebration of that love.

And lastly, here’s what that means. If you don’t have the wife you want, if she’s not the woman you think she should be, well… maybe it’s our fault. Maybe if we were better stewards our wives would be better wives!

All In

Ok, I’ll admit it…

I watch professional poker on TV sometimes.  I am notorious for channel checking as I watch TV and every now and then, I’ll stumble upon a poker championship somewhere and I’ll watch. I love being able to know what all of the cards on the table are and watch how these men and women choose to bet — or not — by calculating the odds and watching the other players.

Now, if you talk to the players, playing poker at this level isn’t gambling. It’s math, statistics, psychology and strategy all in one decision to play or not to play. While I respect their skill, I doubt if I could ever convince my hard shell, “Amazing Grace” singing, go-to-church-every time-the-doors-are-open Southern Baptist mom that poker is not gambling.