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The False Goal of Ten Percent

Whenever I start talking about stewardship, people immediately want to shrink the discussion to tithing.  Now, tithing is part of stewardship, but stewardship is much more than tithing. Biblical stewardship encompasses the whole of our lives – resources, relationships, time, talents, opportunities and challenges.  Biblical stewardship reminds us that everything belongs to God.  Sure, everyone knows that, yet few of us have taken the time to think through what that means and the implications for living included in this truth.

Time belongs to God. We don’t own one minute of our lives. Every second is a gift from Him.  Because time...more

Living with the Reality of Easter

Most of us didn’t grow up in a monarchy. In fact, most of us have never spent any time at all in a country ruled by a person whose word is law. We live in a country ruled by laws, but we’ve never been in a place where when one person spoke—a king or queen—that word became law. No questions asked. There was no appeal, and disagreement was considered...more

Back to Square One…

Whenever I get confused about where I am on an issue, I like to go back to square one.  I want to go back to the beginning of the process and retrace my steps. Sometimes, remembering the first question and the curiosity that drove the process helps me refocus and find the right answer. Right now, it seems everyone is confused about stewardship.  Most people hear the word “stewardship”...more

Following Christ Sometimes Means Going Back

Often, when we come to Christ, we are so sick and tired of the place we are, we just want to get away as far as we can from it.  We don’t really care where we’re going.  We just want to get away.  Any place has to be better than the place we are. Yet, Jesus seldom encourages this kind of escapism.  He never says, “Get up and run...more

Easter Makes a Difference

You’ll often hear a preacher glibly say, “The death and resurrection of Jesus changes everything!” And while that is true, most of us are left with the perplexing question of “how?” Don’t get me wrong, we understand Jesus died for our sins, but what confuses us is how the good news of Easter is to be applied to the everyday moments of our lives as parents, spouses, employees, employers...more
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