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In his book, Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell says it takes about 10,000 hours to become an expert. To make his point, he followed the lives of people like Steven Jobs and Bill Gates. Guess what? Both of them spent over 10,000 in the world of computers before they became famous in their respective ways.

In June, Jeannie and I will celebrate our 35th anniversary and that got me thinking. So, I did a little math: 365 x 35 equals 12,775 days. 12,7775 days x 24 hours equals 306,600 hours.

That means Jeannie and I have been married for over 300,000 hours!

If 10,000 hours...more

The Courage to Live

Yesterday, the ice veneer covered our parking lot, preventing us from having services at our Brentwood campus. No one hates calling off a worship service more than I do, yet sometimes wisdom determines a different direction. One of the reasons I hate we missed our services is that I was planning to lead our church in a time of silence to remember the Egyptian Coptic Christians who were working...more

Everybody Gets a Turn

In November of last year, I made the decision to move my mom to Nashville. I say I made it, because I did. She didn’t agree with my decision. She still doesn’t. She will tell you today I kidnapped her and she’s looking for someone to take her back to Huntsville. After successful surgery and radiation treatment for an acoustic neuroma, it became obvious to me that I needed...more

What About Us?

Ok, the new year is almost a month old. You have personal goals—get more organized, lose weight, be nicer, etc. You have career goals —increase sales, get the big promotion, etc. But what about your marriage? Do you have goals for the most important relationship in your life? Perhaps I should rephrase that. Do you have goals that have been agreed on by both of you and written down?...more

The Goal is to be Appropriate

According to conventional wisdom, everyone is in search of a balanced life. Given the growing and often conflicting demands of our jobs and families, it’s hard to keep everything together. Therefore, according to the experts, you have to set strong boundaries and time parameters so that you can have all of the areas in your life properly balanced. The myth is you can allot each area of your life...more
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