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When I was chaplain with the Brentwood Police Department, here’s one of the things I found out: people don’t pay attention.

Drivers run red lights they don’t see, pull through stop signs they don’t know are there, and pull out in front of cars they don’t see coming. And if people are ever asked to describe what they saw, well, good luck. They don’t know what kind of car it was.

I’m not saying they don’t know the difference between a Ford and a Chevy. Most people don’t know the difference between an eighteen wheeler and a sub-compact. They can’t describe the person involved...more

The Intent of Love

The other day, a friend of mine complimented me for working so hard on my marriage. I understood what he was trying to say and I was grateful for the compliment. I did, however, want to correct his slight misconception of how I try to live my life as a husband. The misconception I want to correct, or at least refocus, is the idea of marriage being hard work....more

The Person Closest to the Need

Throughout the business world, companies are flattening their organizational structures to put the decision making powers in the hands of those who are closest to the point of highest impact. Men and women who will be affected most by the decision are given the power to make those decisions. The assumption is those people who are closest to the issue have the best understanding of the issue and how...more

The Value of Doubt

I’m naturally curious. I want to know how things work, how things ended up the way they did, who was involved, and how they got there. I read a lot of labels, bulletin boards, historical markers, plaques, and brochures. Yes, sometimes I end up wasting a little time, but more times than not, I end up finding out some fascinating information and stories. I’m the same way in my...more

The Discipline of Un-choosing

Sometimes we wonder why discipleship has to be so hard. While there are a lot of reasons for that, here’s one we don’t often think about.  Since God took the radical risk of granting us free will, He has allowed us to make and then, live with, our decisions. As I read Scripture, I’m constantly taken aback by how seriously Jesus takes our decisions. For instance, the rich young...more
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