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Wives, Your Husband IS Talking to You

In marriage, there is a complaint that is almost universal among wives…their husbands don’t talk to them.

Yet, when I pull the husbands aside, they tell me they talk all of the time, but their wives don’t listen to them.

What’s the problem?

It’s a problem of context and styles. I know the conventional wisdom is that men don’t understand women (we don’t), but the reverse is also true: women don’t understand men.

Let me give you an example. When a wife tells her husband she wants to talk, she never understands that in guy language, that signals a confrontation.

When one guy says to...more

Choosing the Good Ground

I love history, especially military history, and of that, especially Civil War history. Whenever I read the stories of battles, I’m surprised at how much time is spent before the battle choosing the ground where the battle will be fought. Commanders try to maneuver their forces to make the enemy respond by moving their forces. Each move and counter move is made to take maximum advantage of the natural...more

A Little Closer to Perfect

For generations marriage was considered a social necessity. After all, marriage was seen as a way to domesticate men, who without wives to keep them at home would roam the streets at night getting into all kinds of trouble. I guess some still see marriage this way. I hope our understanding of marriage has developed over the years, but there’s a reality of marriage that hasn’t changed. Marriage is...more

The Miracle of Access

In these times, it’s all about access. Do you have the password to gain access to the system? Do you have access to that important person or into that important organization? Our status is determined by who we access to and who has access to us. One of the great questions of human existence is “Does God Exist?” The follow up question is “If He does exist, how do...more

How Do You Know When Love is Real

Love is one of those overused words in our culture that has become so mangled by misuse we aren’t sure what it means anymore. What does it mean when you say you love someone? We love pizza, we love the beach, we love our moms – are all of these the same? Obviously not. One of the things that makes the English language so difficult is so much of a word’s...more
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